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TY- Shenzhen Tianyang precision limited, start from processing precision machinery parts, and gradually developed to produce custom-made pneumatic jig, mold and non-standard automatic machinery parts according to customer provided drawings. especially the pneumatic bag hole puncher in various size and specifications - now become leading company in this field.

Benefit by professional technicians and various CNC machineries, precision WEDM machineries, our business developed fast in domestic and oversea markets.

Cooperated with Tianyang, to feel the “Tianyang spirit” bringing you the high service by profession, concentration and effectiveness.


Quality Certificates


Quality Control


All the incoming materials and parts are fully checked, the non up to standard should be divided and labeled, open a abnormal  notice to supplier, require emergency measurement and permanent measurement. Supervising and tracing it to be completely practically fulfilled.

Strictly follow the principles: do not accept defective materials, do not missing to check the defective materials, do not transfer the defective materials.

In Process Quality Control:

firstly, the operator make self-check, then the workshop master make second check, finally, the QC staff routingly make spot check Divided unchecked, qualified and defective semi-products

Strictly follow the principles: do not produce defective semi-products, do not accept defective semi-products, do not let the defective semi-product go to next processing stage.


QC check the finished products per company and customer’s requirements.

Strictly follow the principles: do not missing check the finished products, do not hand over the defective finished products, do not accept the defective finished products. Finished products pass rate should be 100%

Customer Service

For the purpose of best serving our customers, we require our staff to follow the below principles:

1.Communication: From the beginning, using customer acceptable and understandable measure to deliver customers information and collect customer’s requirement and reflections.

2.Reliable: Follow the customer service standard, maintain the content consistency and stability, to create the customer's sense of trust. Thus to build customer loyalty.

3.Reflection: Swiftly reflect customer's tiny demand and requirement, To do this, we should be:

  • Once there is customer dissatisfaction, we should find it and solve it without any hangovers

  • Subtly sensed all customer's changes, market trend to enable company make accurate judgment.

4.Safeguard: In dealing with customers, we will keep our promise and guarantee to reflect our company faith. We will follow the quality warranty, safety usage and price reasonable to ensure our customers feel confidence and satisfaction.